Tree of Life Outreach is a grass roots door to door "HOLISTIC"  Ministry that has been established to provide nourishment for the Mind, Body and Spirit of all human beings.

To achieve this objective Tree of Life Outreach uniquely merges and synthesizes the following services *Experiential Philosophy

* Youth mentoring and counseling

* Clean Heart  spiritual  teachings and practices (ie religious studies, meditation, love, forgiveness, spending time in nature etc) 

* motivational speaking 

*I.S.S.A. Certfied Fitness Training


The aforementioned services are offered to all human beings regardless of race, religion, gender, social standings, political views etc. (nevertheless a premium interest and emphasis is placed on the inner city and the less fortunate collectively).

Although some of the founding principles of Tree of Life Outreach are in fact based on religious teachings ....... the primary focal point of the Tree Of Life Outreach IS NOT centered on - nor limited by - the parameters of religiosity.

For it is my belief that a "HOLISTIC" approach to Life, Health and Wellness is in fact a more organic template for the human species - and in particular - for those who are seeking to discover their own unique path that leads to:

*Clarity of communication with the Divine Source (most commonly referred to as God )

* Identifying the essence of one's TRUE self.

*Uncovering the original and highest purpose  of one's life.

*Self Transformation 


For more information about the services offered and the associated cost (as well as the nonprofit / free programs that are occasionally provided) please email me at authenticmunoz@gmail.com. 

and/or call 317-652-3309

KEY NOTE : please read the following about us /bio below.


About us

I am 52 years of age, and in the interest of acknowledging and glorifying  the ultimate power of the universe (most commonly referred to as God) I'd like to share with you an amazing story of mistakes, failures, Beauty , Adventure, Discovery,  pain, suffering ,Courage, sadness , Deliverance and ultimately of  Victory.

I was born and raised in East St Louis, Illinois, and between the ages of 11-16 I was sentenced to and served 3 separate sentences in the juvenile department of corrections (with the total amount of time served in incarceration being over 4 years).

From the ages of 17 - 34 I was sentenced to and served a total of 4 separate sentences in the adult department of corrections (with the total amount of time served in incarceration being an additional 11 years ). 

In addition to the multiple terms of incarceration , my past mistakes, failures, poor choices, short comings, and environment also led me to experience the hardships and misfortunes of gang membership, illegal drugs (both selling and abusing), domestic violence,  anxiety, homelessness, depression, and obesity. 

The first time I was arrested  I was nine years of age and charged with shoplifting, burglary and strong arm robbery.

Immediately after experiencing the repercussions of my behavior I sincerely vowed to myself and to my parents that it would never happen again.  

Yet the arrests, the years and the decades continued to mount - and although I was sincere, diligent and  committed to refraining from the lifestyle and activities that were the culprits of my failures and suffering - it was to no avail .

After the first few years of continued crime and incarceration and me failing to extricate myself from making poor choices and the said lifestyle - at the age of 13 I decided to make a wholeheartedl effort to submit myself to a higher power in search of refuge, reform and transformation. 

As far back as I can remember my siblings and I were introduced to church and attendance to literally every Sunday's  service was  mandated in our household - and we were raised as Christians of the Pentecostal faith - so that was  my starting point with regards to seeking the afore stated desired changes via religion 

Despite my commitment of several years  and me being as devout as I possibly could - I personally did not find reform via Christianity - and the arrest, the amount of years and the incarcerations and other poor lifestyle choices persisted.

I would - over the years - eventually and very gradually began to research and cross reference the gist of several other mainstream religions ( Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism)....... and was surprised to find that the core message of each of them - at least in my opinion - IS THE EXACT SAME..

Conversely each of them in their own right provided very profound teachings, and beautiful insights , along with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and even a certain degree of inner  strength -  yet the ultimate goal of true , complete and sustained self transformation continued to elude me.

At approximately 30 years of age my research and study would be ushered onto a new path. One that over a period of time would ultimately align with all of the  afore stated religions and belief systems while yet simultaneously transcending them all as well, as I began to look outside of the mainstrean religions and mainstream sources for additional views, perspectives, teachings, answers and explanations relative to my personal problems and dilemmas. 

In doing so without intention I became more conscious of  the enormous amount of pain, suffering and disharmony within the collective whole of society. 

From that point (and continuing to this day) I began placing a premium emphasis on uncovering and understanding the actual CAUSALITY of problems, and no longer simply focusing soley on the mere and varying SYMPTONS. 

Doing so has cause me to attain better comprehension of why a great number of human beings consciously and/or unconsciously choose to actively engage in(or tacitly consent to) self destructive behavior in their personal lives and/or in collective society.  

Such research, findings, studies , and practices have indeed been very fruitful , and have led to the long sought after transformation. They have also led to the revelation of meaning and purpose to my life. 

MY PRESENT:  It's been nearly two decades si self transformation and complete liberation from those horrific days and times gangs crime, drugs, incarceration etc..

I am now the founder of this ministry(and the provider of the services offered herein).  I am now also a Professional "ALL NATURAL"  body builder, a certified fitness trainer and the founder & owner of my own fitness training business........ and more importantly I am Living proof that the Ultimate Universal Power (most commonly referred to as God) is indeed very real and that all things TRULY are possible to those who believe.


For a sample of some of the views and topics discussed in the Philosophical and Spiritual arm of the outreach , please visit my facebook page by clicking on the facebook link below.For more information about physical fitness arm of the ministry please click on the Mount Fitness MBS link below.


To assist all human beings in all areas of their life as they make their own personal journey in the quest to obtain lucidity, self authenticity, wholeness and purpose. 



"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

Jeremiah 29:11


"Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

Romans 12:2

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